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STREET-LOK - Anti-Vehicle Planter Barrier SystemMock up of Street-lokIn Australia today there is a trend towards using overt security methods such as un-friendly stained high sided concrete or jersey barriers, 'shark teeth' bollards, steel fencing, spikes and walls which are eroding our vision of friendly 'green' cities.

It is now easy to achieve INVISIBLE, effective security with beautiful, HIGH IMPACT landscape features.

The STREET-LOK Passive Anti-Vehicle Planter Barrier System can effectively conceal two levels of security.
1. Within the beautiful, high impact transportable flower planters and green hedge barrier systems
2. Within decorative concrete planters and barriers in which security can be increased when circumstances dictate - and they can be transported.

Our illustration at the top left is an example of the STREET-LOK (normally unseen) internal security system. The picture underneath is an example of how visually appealling this highly effective security can be.

Click here to view or download a PDF (572kb) with further information.